historicaltimes: Yoshiko Kawashima, Manchu Pri…


Yoshiko Kawashima, Manchu Princess and Japanese Spy, Unknown Location, c. 1930s

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Newly built Ryomyong Street (Dawn Street) in P…

Newly built Ryomyong Street (Dawn Street) in Pyongyang, North Korea. The neighborhood was developed with green, energy-saving architecture principles and as a result, there are over 250,000 sq meters of garden vegetation in rooftop greenhouses and window gardens. Solar panels and geothermal systems have also been installed on over 122 buildings and are used for lighting, heating, and cooling.



Lady Gaga forgetting to wipe cocaine off her nose before taking a photo with a young fan (2010)



my boss in 2040: *attempts to administer an electroshock to my government planted microchip as a sign that they want me to increase my productivity*

me, who has spent all of my facebook credits on completely replacing my flesh, bones and organs with machinery in an attempt to gain BillGates Version 2.11′s favor: *short circuits and dies instantly*

the government mandated McDonalds™ drone that monitors everyone who lives in my district: *immediately liquidates my assets and uploads a copy of my brain into a holding cell located in VR Farmville in order to reprimand me for dying on the clock*



This is how all rape trials should go. Especially those of people who work in the sex industry because, unfortunately, some people take their profession as consent.  



Me when I’m me: me

kitty-peach: i like how the cat and the dad fe…


i like how the cat and the dad feel the same about each other



I love the way online culture is slowly adopting a hieroglyphic-type system of words indicated by pictures. No, I’m not talking about emojis, I’m talking about the fact that I just saw a particular red-tinted image of Barack Obama’s eyes used in a conversation and read it as the words “then perish” with no hesitation.

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Archie writes a song for Miss Grundy and she really likes it.

A ceremony took place in Kim Il Sung Square to…

A ceremony took place in Kim Il Sung Square to launch a new batch of Sungni trucks, Chollima-804, and Chungsong-122

tractors. The design and serial manufacturing processes

of these new vehicles were finalized and set up earlier this year.