Kim Il Sung University opens its door wider to…

According to a recent report by the Choson Sinbo, a newspaper of the Tokyo-based organization of pro-Pyongyang Korean residents in Japan, Kim Il Sung University, North Korea’s most prestigious institution of higher learning, plans to admit foreign applicants who wish to major in various economics and social science studies, including philosophy, law and history, in addition to literature, which is already open to them, starting next year.

Foreign students are currently allowed to study the Korean language at Kim Il Sung University for four years, if they pass its entrance exam after completing a one-year preliminary course at Kim Hyong Jik University of Education.

North Korea’s most prestigious institution of higher education opened its doors to foreign students since as early as 1954, but to date, it has restricted their major studies to the Korean language. At present, Kim Il Sung University and Kim Hyong Jik University of Education are the only North Korean universities that admit foreign students.

More than one hundred students from 33 countries, including China, Russia, Vietnam, France, Mongolia and Great Britain, are currently enrolled in Kim Il Sung University. The foreign students usually attend lectures on the Korean language, Korean history and North Korean society in the morning and go on a field trip to museums or exhibition halls in the afternoon.

Kim Il Sung University, founded in October 1946 in Pyongyang, is North Korea’s top university. Its graduates perform key roles in North Korea’s party and government organizations as well as in various other sectors of the country, including science, education and culture.

The university is currently alleged to have more than 12,000 students and about 5,500 faculty members in its 15 departments and more than 60 programs.

– The Institute for Far Eastern Studies