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The Korean People’s Army’s newest assault rifle first seen in 2017. The rifle appears to be based on North Korea’s Type 88 assault rifle and includes an integrated grenade launcher and sophisticated computerized scope. 

Tissue Culture lab of the Institute of Biotechnology. In the early 90s, much of North Korea’s potato crop was destroyed by viruses. However, with help from international organizations, the nation is now self-sufficient in its production of virus-free seedlings and has developed some of the world’s most advanced aeroponic technology.

Newly built Ryongbong School Supplies Factory. The factory highlights Kim Jong Un’s continued focus on improving North Korea’s educational environment. It will produce pencils, pens, pencil cases, as well as art supplies. 

Pak Yong Mi won a gold medal in women’s 53 kg category of the 2019 World Wrestling Championship. Over 980 athletes from 100 countries including North Korea, China, Russia, Cuba, and Iran are competing in the championship which began in Kazakhstan on Sept. 14.

Pyongyang fashion

Newly renovated Kaeson Station in Pyongyang. The interior’s lighting has been replaced with LED lights. Flat-screen TVs as well as new overhangs have also been installed next to the subway tracks. The redesign will serve as inspiration for future remodeling of existing Pyongyang Metro stations.

Newly developed Reunification 181-type trams. This domestically built model is equipped with LCD screens and a digital passenger information system.

Walking under the Chollima Statue in Pyongyang.

Walking under the Chollima Statue in Pyongyang.

Vintage photo of children relaxing at Taesongsan Funfair in Pyongyang.