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Students from Kim Chaek University of Technology finished in 8th place at the International Collegiate Programming Contest. In doing so, the university ranked ahead of famous universities including Harvard and Stanford in the U.S.

Typical lunch at the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology: BBQ braised pork, japchae glass noodles, kimchi, and rice.

“Old Boatman in the Raktong River” by Ri Chang

“Fall in Pyongyang” by Kim Kwang

“Fall in Pyongyang” by Kim Kwang

Kim Jong Un raised arms with Moon Jae-In at the peak of Mount Paektu. The mountain is considered sacred by Koreans and is considered the birthplace of Korea in the country’s mythology.

Typical lunch at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology: tofu soup with zucchini, rice, braised potatoes, radish kimchi, and stir-fried cabbage.

Pyongyang and the Taedong River in September 2018.

“Lets firmly gather under the common banner of the Korean race and build a unified powerhouse that will prosper!”

Recently, North Korean media has been emphasizing cooperation with the South and has repeatedly called on it to faithfully implement the latest Panmunjom Declaration which is also known as the April 27 Declaration in the North.

Kim Jong Un crossed the DMZ to greet South Korean President Moon Jae-in. He then invited Moon to cross briefly North with him before returning to the Southern side. The two will hold a one day summit where they will discuss issues related to inter-Korean relations.